The Ultimate Pool Deck Accessory for Infants

Parents of newborn babies have a lot of things to deal with during the warm weather months. Most all want to get out and enjoy the summer fun, but most feel it is difficult to enjoy when you have a newborn, because their comfort is not easy to achieve. There is a solution and you can enjoy time at the pool with a newborn. We feel it is the ultimate pool deck accessory for infants and most parents seem to agree with us.

Making Baby Comfortable at the Pool

infantfloatInfants take a lot of naps and most of the time, they do not work around their parent’s schedule, especially when the parents are trying to relax in a pool. As a parent, you may want to show your baby how much fun the water can be, but then they get tired out long before you are ready to call it a day. You may then worry about protecting them from the sun so that they can sleep and worry about their bouncy chair getting too hot. The new parent’s mind is always worrying about something. What if you could put them in a chair that would be soft, comfortable, and 100% safe? Would you take advantage of it? That is what baby bean bag chairs are all about.

What is the Baby Bean Bag?

pinkbeanA bean bag chair for babies is similar to the bean bag chairs for an adult. However, it is safer than a typical bean bag for adults. It is able to support your infant’s spine and give them a comfortable resting place so that you can have a little fun without lugging along the playpen. Infants and toddlers can nap in the chair, you can cover it with an umbrella to keep them cool, and you do not have to pack up to go spend time at the pool. What more could you hope for this summer?


Is A Bean Bag Safe for Infants?

The new bean bags that are infant approved are 100% safe for babies. They have a strap that holds little ones securely in the chair. They will be held in a way that is comfortable, but secure so that they cannot roll over in the chair or slip out of it, no matter how much they may wiggle around. These bags also have double stitching and a closed zipper to ensure that your infant, even as they grow into toddler-hood, cannot get to the balls inside. It is also a useful chair to have around if your little one suffers with acid reflux, gas, or flat-headedness. They have proven to virtually eliminate the most common baby issues. They are easy to carry around. You can take them to the pool or on overnight trips to grandma’s and never again have to carry a portable crib, playpen, or other bulky baby items. It is a new parent’s dream baby product.

Many parents have already discovered the joys of having a bean bag that is designed with their infant in mind. Are you ready to discover it for yourself? If you are ready to discover the ultimate pool deck accessory for infants, you can see them here.