Importance of Sun Protection

People are excited when summer arrives. Most of us are always looking forward to summer outings and we get to enjoy outdoor activities, pools and beautiful beaches. However, some of us forget on how to protect our skin. We must not forget that sun can harm our skin and we should always put sun block for sun protection.

Sun’s harmful UV rays are not good for our skin. It can cause sun burn or even skin cancer. In order for us to avoid this dangerous stuff we must choose good quality protection swimwear and hats as well. But one of the most important things is that, we must pick and buy the right SPF or Sun Protection Factor to be protected.

SPF-SwimSuit-300x300People must be cautious when picking the right swim wear. Remember, the more skin you show the more skin you burn and it would be a long lasting damage. When summer comes people love to stay on the beach. Sun can give our skin a perfect glow but then again, too much sun exposure is bad and it would be a big risk in getting our skin burned.

A reminder, that when you expose your skin to the suns rays our skin is in danger. Try to look for some good cover up find a hat that will cover your scalp, forehead and can protect your face as well. There are a lot of hats to choose from that can protect your head from the sun’s heat. We all have got to protect our shoulders, chest and back too.

For people that are fond of too much sun exposure just so they can achieve the perfect tan they have always wanted, think again. As mentioned above you can really put yourself at risk for getting skin cancer. Wear the right clothes that are not too revealing and at the same time you still get to enjoy your time at the beach, pool or lake.

One thing that can help you avoid these awful things is to wear a sun block with a higher SPF. You can check out in the market which sun block is good for you. You can also ask your dermatologist which one to buy.


We are so lucky that here in Australia we have a climate that gives us a time to enjoy various outdoor activities. However one sad thing about it is that here in Australia we have some of the highest rates of skin cancer all over the world. It says that 2 out of 3 Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70. And every week there are about 30 people who are dying from skin cancer. This is a sad truth.

So to avoid this kind of disease, one must take good care of his or her skin. Always put protection. There are a lot to choose from in the market with regards to your swimwear, hats and Sun protection lotion. It’s always better to be prepared than to suffer the consequences in the end.