Don’t Let Mosquitoes Take the Fun Out of Your Swimsuit Party

Mosquitos are perhaps one of the world’s most unpopular type of insect. They leave swollen bumps that will itch like crazy if you are unlucky enough to be attacked by one of the couple hundred species of biting mosquitoes. They are also very likely to carry diseases which they will inject into your blood stream as they suck out your blood. They are on virtually every continent and especially near water. This means, as a pool owner, you know very well all about the annoyance of mosquitos around a pool. The good news is, you can deal with them and lessen your bites.

Why Mosquitoes Attack You Around Pool

PoolPartyMosquitos, like all other species need water to live. Therefore, they most likely visit your pool looking for water that they can successfully breed in and upon coming up dry on that, they see you as lunch. Considering pools are supposed to be fun for your entire family and a mosquito infestation may make it lose a little excitement; it is time that you consider taking steps to eliminate the mosquitoes that are driving your family crazy. Otherwise, you may never again be able to lounge in peace beside your pool.

Preventative Steps for Dealing with Mosquitos and Your Pool

MosquitoCoil-300x300Your first step should be to walk around your property. Look for areas where you have standing water. Dog dishes, old tires, empty flower pots, etc. Mosquitos breed in stale, stagnant water. If you eliminate the places where they lay their eggs, you will be making your property less appealing to them. Change your dog’s water daily to ensure it stays fresh, walk around after rains to dump out water that may be sitting, or turn over things that may catch water.

If you are unable to eliminate all of the water on your property, for instance a pond or stale drainage ditch, you can get mosquito doughnuts or pellets that will kill them before they grow into adulthood and start biting. It is safe for the environment and will not kill your fish or any other thing that may be growing in the water. Pets can drink it and it will not harm them. This is why they are one of the best mosquito repellent for yard and home use.

Consider the option to get a pool cover for times when you are not using your pool as well. If you do not want to do that, make sure that you filter the water in your pool often and use chemicals to keep it an unfriendly place for mosquitoes. You should also dry off pool toys and floats so that water doesn’t stand on them. Some people also recommend draining the pool during the winter when you are not swimming.

Citronella candles and virtually anything with citronella in it will also help to keep your pool area mosquito free. Simply set your candles, lanterns, and other citronella scented items around your pool and say, “good bye” to your mosquitoes.

Ending Your Mosquito Troubles

There is no surefire way to eliminate all of the mosquitos in your area. Just because you constantly walk your property to check for standing water, it does not mean your neighbors will. This is why you should keep mosquito repellent around your home and pool as well. Science suggests that people use repellents that include deet because it makes you invisible to them. If you are using it at the pool, you may also want to consider using a repellent that is waterproof.

Many people are also leaning toward getting a magnet for mosquitoes and placing it in their yard. It is a relatively simple to use device that is used to eliminate mosquitoes. If you decide to do this, mosquito magnet reviews should be something you consider looking into because there are a variety of different magnets and each will have pros and cons. One of the best sites for this is

Before summer comes your way again and your entire family brings out their bathing suits, take a little time to prepare for mosquito control. Your family will thank you when they notice fewer bites this year.